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Staragte Challenges v2.0
An Unlikely Friend
Stargate SG-1
Staragte Atlantis
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Spacemonkey_Jackson's Challenge:

10/20 Stargate SG-1 Challenge #2:

* Sam and Vala switch bodies.

* No S/V Slash please, friendship is wanted.

* No Sam/Jack Ship *yuck!*

* Actually, no "Ships" at all, please! Make it a Gen fic.

An Unlikely Friend

Daniel coughed once as Cam's grin fell.

"I do believe this is quite possible," Teal'c said calmly. "This is not unlike the time when ValaMalDoran used DanielJackson's body to communicate with us, or when we discovered Machello's body switching device."

"Ah, right, thanks Teal'c," Landry said, prying his eyes off the two women standing before him. "Most logical."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow at the Star Trek term and also looked at the women. Before him stood Sam and Vala, except Vala stood next to Sam. Teal'c cocked his head and wondered for a moment how he best could describe the situation.

They had said they were standing in the locker, putting on their jackets when they heard voices coming from the shower stalls. When they went to investigate they did not find anything. They didn't notice anything until Vala checked herself in the mirror.

"It was horrid!" Vala said again, shaking her head. Teal'c blinked. It still was hard to understand when Sam spoke, Vala's words came out, and when Vala spoke, Sam's words came out.

"Hey!" Sam said, swishing back a wayward pigtail.

"I have nothing to braid, nothing to make me beautiful," Vala said, sinking down in the chair. "The good thing is that I now have boobs."

Sam, wide eyed as Vala cupped her breasts, jumped in front of Vala. "Hey! Hands off. I'll cut your hair if you don't."

"Fine, fine." Vala quickly took away her hands and stood.

Sam turned to face Landry. "Sir, I request we postpone the negotiations with the Tamerians until we get this sorted out."

Landry looked at Sam in Vala's body and thought about it. "We need this treaty Colonel. I can't push this back; the president is already asking why it has taken so long to have them come to Earth in the first place."

Sam's head hung and Vala turned away, or maybe it was Vala's head hung and Sam turned away, Landry was not too sure, but either way, neither looked happy with the answer. Finally Daniel stepped up to the table.

"Ah, Sir. I think we can actually use this time wisely. Vala," he pointed to Sam's body, then to Vala's body which he stood next to, "Has some experience dealing with the Tamerians. And Sam," he waved his hand between the two women once more, "has to finish the reactor we are giving them. So I propose that Mitchell and Teal'c sit with Vala, who looks like Sam, in the meeting and Sam, in Vala's body, work with me to finish the reactor."

Landry's head did a mini tennis match as he followed along. Finally he looked down and then back at Daniel. "Very well. I think that is the best idea yet. Dismissed."

Vala's body snapped rigid, as Sam's body stayed slumped over. Cam also stood as the General left.

"If you are going to be in my body €“ which we seem to have no choice in €“ you better act like a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force," Sam snapped at Vala once Landry was gone.

"Well if you are going to act like me, you better stop pulling down that skirt and pulling up the shirt. Those are from Antheran hide. You don't know what I had to trade for them. Besides, I am sure you own a skirt shorter then this," Vala replied, heading to the door.

Sam tugged on the clothes Vala had put on that morning and glared at the other women. "Don't you dare."

"Common, it'll be an adventure. Maybe now I can get some Marines." Vala clapped her hands excitedly. Sam reached out and clasped her own hands.

"Don't. Just go into the meeting, let Cam and Teal'c do the talking," Sam said, as she got off the elevator. "Please, just try to act like me for a day."

"Then may I suggest you swing your hips more. My hips are the best asset I think. They are child baring hips!" Vala called as the doors slid shut.

Sam looked at Daniel and tried to smile. "Let's get this thing done and find a way to get my body back."

Daniel nodded and slid a arm around her waist. "You got it. Once this is over we can get some drinks and laugh about it."

Sam nodded and gave him a bright smile. Daniel, honestly had to stop the creepy feeling that started taking over him when he saw Vala's body, voice and smile next to him but knew it was Sam inside.


"Well how was I to know that offering water was offensive?" Vala said, hands on hips. Cam smiled and tied not to laugh. Sam would never stand like that.

"I believe it is best for you to assist ColonelCarter," Teal'c said.

Cam nodded. Vala tossed her head, frowned when she remembered there were no pigtails and stomped out of the room. "You think Sam would ever do that?"

"Perhaps only if she was possessed," Teal'c replied.

Cam let a deep belly laugh go. "Ah she is possessed already. She has Sam on the outside, Vala on the inside. That would be deemed a creepy possession in my book."


Vala had gotten on the elevator and rode down to the 18th floor, moving swiftly toward Sam's office. She tried hard to look like Sam as she walked but found the almost flat heels hard to manage. She stopped and took them off, rounding the corner in her stockings and sitting on a free metal chair beside Daniel.

"So what have we got?"

"A fried reactor, I am afraid," Sam said, looking up. Vala did a double take; she needed to get more sleep if she really had bags like that under her eyes.

"Is there anything I can do?" Vala asked as she looked over Daniel's shoulder.

"Can you hand me the folder with the tabs on it?"

Daniel stood back as the two women worked together to remount the reactors controls and wire the device. Sam directed as Vala's hands twisted the wires. Sam had discovered the well manicured, long finger nails did not help with some of the small wires.

"Finally!" Sam declared as Vala flipped on the device. "Done."

"Just in time," Daniel said, coming back into the lab. "Mitchell is escorting an unhappy Tamerian."

"Oh dear," Vala said. She turned to Sam and quickly gave her a rundown of her brief experience with the Tamerians. After all, Sam would have to be the one to interact with the representative on a familiar basis.

As soon as Cam and the Tamerian walked through the door, Sam bolted to the man and smiled sweetly. "It really has been too long. Please, please, take my seat."

The man studied Sam for a moment and then nodded, taking her vacant seat. He looked down at the device and Vala took over, explaining the uses of the device and how it would help advance their race. Sam stood by and nodded a very Vala nod €“ pig tails bouncing and a quick smile at the representative. Once more Daniel had to fight off that creepy feeling; Sam really knew how to put on the show.

Finally, after what Cam would have deemed forever, the Tamerian got up, reactor in hand and headed out the door. Teal'c lead him back down to the gate room so he could go back home. Cam turned around in time to see Sam and Vala slump over on the desk.

"Hey you two ok?"

Sam nodded and Vala shrugged. "I never want to do that again," Vala's muffled voice said.

"Next time please let someone else build the device," Sam said. "I feel like a car salesman."

Cam and Daniel looked at each other and laughed. "Now we need to get you two back to your own bodies."

Vala sat up. "Any ideas?"

"Dr. Lee said he had a few."

Sam, who had also looked up, groaned and slumped further down in her seat.


"Well just hook this up here," Dr. Lee said as he walked back to his computer. "The frequency should set itself once it finds the correct spectrum."

"Are you sure this will work?" Vala said, getting worried as the metal paddles started flapping like a tiny bird.

"Um, sure."

"More confidence would be appreciated," Vala said, closing her eyes as a high pitched squeal was heard.

Cam stood wide mouthed as he watched as his teammates' faces pull away from their bodies and switched. It reminded Cam of some spirit thing moving between the two.

Finally the device turned off and Daniel approached the two women. "Sam?" he asked, looking at Vala.

"Over here," she said, in the correct body. She held her head for a moment and looked up. "Oh thank goodness I am back to normal."

"You're back to normal, but look at what you put on me €“ long sleeves and pants! No wonder I am so hot," Vala said, tugging up her sleeves. Cam smiled at her.

"They are back, Doc," Cam said, smiling widely at Dr. Lee.

"You up to going out?" Daniel asked as he helped Sam stand. She nodded.

"You asked her out? In my body?" Vala said, tugging at Daniel's sleeve. "Wouldn't that mean you asked ME out?"

"Nice try, but no. I was there, just using your body," Sam said, smiling.

"Oh did my body do anything nice with him?" Vala asked, smoothing the shirt over herself.

"Not in a million years. And just because it was your body, doesn't mean it was you who goes on the date," Sam said, looking at Vala.

They walked down the hall bickering as Daniel and Cam stood back for a moment and grinned. More then a sudden teamwork came out of the body switch; a new bond had been formed.

By: Christine (rabalwriter03)